Piano Lessons
Beginning Fun[ctional] Piano - Ages: 1st Grade - Adult

Private Lessons

Lessons are available to children (6 yrs and up) and adults alike for these introductory lessons. The coursework will center on developing the right and left hands; independently at first, then together. Developing proper eye, ear and hand coordination is the sole objective for the beginning student. A Suzuki-like approach is used for this initial stage of development.

A series of exercises will be used to accomplish this task. This will include 1 and then 2 octave scale patterns, arpeggios, and chords (major, minor and modal). Eventually; the study of music theory will compliment each lesson, dividing the session into equal parts of playing and learning to read music. The Suzuki method is recommended but not required and usually takes a year of study.

More advanced training is available as the student progresses.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

Since the alphabet is not taught to a person when they 1st learn their native language; neither should a person learn how to read music until they are comfortable with physically playing the piano. Once the ability to read is acquired however, then memorization should be the next skill developed, so that the student can concentrate on an item called musicianship. This would be accomplished with things like tonalization, musical sensitivity and interpretation.

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