Kindermusik Village

What if there were a place for your and your baby where all the little miracles were captured, magnified, and celebrated through music, movement, touch, and sounds?

What if there were a place where someone helped you peek inside your baby’s miraculous little body and brain?

And what if every time you left this place, you took home treasures from the day and inspiring ideas to add this joy into your daily routine?

There is a place...

A weekly class for newborns through 1 ½ years accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Class length: 45 minutes.

Village introduces multiple levels of activities appropriate for the different stages of development (lap babies, crawlers, and walkers). Environments with diverse development stages in the first 1 ½ years create an optimal learning setting for both children and parents.

You’ll have a wonderful time in Kindermusik Village classes, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn while having so much fun. Throughout your classroom experience, you’ll learn how activities contribute to your baby’s development.

You’ll bring home music, books and an instrument. Play the music from class in the car, at home – wherever you are with your child. An age-appropriate instrument helps your little one continue her discoveries outside Kindermusik class. Beautiful books will aid in visual tracking, shape and color recognition, and language development.

For available class times and rates call 740-498-8090.

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