Group Guitar Classes
Fun[ctional] Guitar Playing - Ages: Jr. High - Adult


A course on basic guitar playing. The goal of this course is to develop skills in solo playing. Items of historical importance will be highlighted, the 3 types of guitar notation explained, and some aspects of construction will be covered to give a well rounded perspective of the instrument. Explanation and demonstration will be the method of instruction for this course.

Recommended for adults who may have had some previous instruction and wish to brush-up on their playing, OR someone with an appreciation of guitar who truly desires a “group learning experience.” Individual guitars performing different parts of a piece (ensemble music) like voices in a choir, will be the end goal of this course. No electric guitars please.

Personal Teaching Philosophy

I emphasize being a musician 1st and a guitarist 2nd. This means having a thorough knowledge of music; the ability to read and understand common musical terms, notation, meter, rhythmic variations, and key signatures are important foundations. It will allow the guitarist the freedom to explore any vein of music from any period of time, not hindered by illiteracy or inability.

My approach to teaching is comprehensive; not only to develop sound playing abilities, but also to understand the role of guitar as more than a solo instrument. My end goal is for the individual to be able to approach any type of music with any combination of other instruments; and I strongly believe that this can only be accomplished on an acoustic or classical guitar during lessons.

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